Panama Canal Transit Schedule


So sieht der Plan für uns aus. Wir freuen uns auf ein neues Abenteuer.

Dear World ARC Fleet,

Timings for the transit todayare confirmed as:

Feb 5th
Advisors Boarding Time                1700hrs
Arrival Gatun Locks                         1831hrs
Clearing Gatun Locks                      1950hrs
Mooring Gatun Lake                       2015hrs

Feb 6th
Resuming Transit                              0701hrs
Completing Transit                           1531hrs

All yachts must be ready for 1400hrs and once confirmation has been given by Rally Control leave Shelter Bay Marina and proceed to the New Flats Anchorage (F) as briefed.

Please stand by on 72 and wait for a call from Rally Control to leave the Marina, this will not be later than 1530hrs
You will be asked to leave in transit order, starting with the first raft.

Please call the Marina on Ch 74 if you require any assistance.

Please remember to check out from the Marina.

Please let Rally Control know on Ch 72 when you have left your berth .

Any change to the timings will be announced on VHF Ch 72 when known.

After anchored each yacht must go to channel 12

All the best for your transit into the Pacific!

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